Sticky Quickstart

1. Invite Sticky

Click here to invite Sticky with the required permissions.
Do not edit these permissions! Sticky needs them to start properly.

To verify that you did not mess up any permissions, use:

1.1. Advanced users only:
You can invite Sticky with minimal permissions here, however, if you have any permissions on categories or such this will likely error out. Use at your own risk.

2. Set a command prefix

All commands start with _s by default.
You can change this to anything you want.
We recommend using a prefix that no other bot in your Discord is using.
_ssetprefix <The prefix you want>

All commands now start with your configured prefix! You can always check your current command prefix by tagging Sticky.

3. Set the staff role

Staff members are added to all created tickets. You can only have one staff role, so use a role that all ticket staff has.
To set the staff role, use:
setstaff <Tag the role you want to always be present in tickets>

Sticky should respond to your message with something like shown below. If it does not respond at all, you likely forgot your command prefix in front of your command!

4. Create a ticket with a reaction

To create a message where users can open tickets by clicking an emote, use:

Need multiple reactions for different staff/subjects? That is a premium-only feature!

5. Ready to use Sticky

Sticky is now ready to be used! People can now use these commands to create a ticket:
new ticket newticket

6. Customization

Sticky allows you to make most things look and feel exactly how you want them to, and there are many options to change!
The easiest way to change these options is by using the Web Panel.

Alternatively, you can use commands.
See an overview of available admin commands with:

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