This is an overview of all available commands and their permissions (see the settings page for what these permissions mean and can be set to).

The prefix for commands can be configured, by default it is _s, so by default help would be _shelp

Ticket related
Command Description Permission
new (configurable) Creates a new ticket PERM_OPEN_TICKET
close Closes a ticket, if enabled can require a reason and confirmation PERM_CLOSE_TICKET
close cancel If the confirmation is enabled, this can cancel a users close request. (auto times out in 15s) PERM_CLOSE_TICKET
rename Renames the ticket. Replaces the default ticket prefix with the given input (max 16 chars). PERM_RENAME_TICKET
add Adds a user/role to the ticket. Takes IDs, tags, and names. PERM_CHANGE_USERS_TICKET
remove Removes a user/role from the ticket, see add. PERM_CHANGE_USERS_TICKET
claim Removes all staff from the ticket, leaving only the claimer PERM_CLAIM
unclaim Does the opposite as claim PERM_CLAIM
Help Sends a help message. If in a ticket it shows the commands above, if outside of a ticket it shows a configurable message, see HELP_OUTSIDE_TICKET_MESSAGE on the settings page. NONE
Admin related

All of these commands require the PERM_CHANGE_SETTINGS permission.

Command Description
adminhelp Displays a help msg with commands
setup Helps you set up Sticky
setprefix Sets the prefix used by commands (by default _s, advised to set to _, ! or - if no other bots use them or have no conflicting important commands)
setsettings Sets a setting, without checking the input much, please be careful when using this command!
ignoreticketchannels Toggles whether new ticket commands should be ignored in the current or given channel/category.
ignorechannel See ignoreticketchannels.
setperm Sets a permission. Any setting starting with PERM_ can be changed with this command.
setting Shows what a setting is currently set to.
delchannels Allows the mass deletion of channels, takes a regex argument. Only use this command if you know what you are doing, this can not be undone.
setlog Sets the new logging channe.
setstaff Sets the staff role (gets added to all tickets).
addopencmd Adds a command to the creation commands.
remopencmd Removes a command from the creation commands.
opencmd Toggles a command from the creation commands.
setdefaultname Sets the ticket prefix.
setcategory Sets the category in which the tickets get put.
blacklist Toggles whether a user is blacklisted from creating tickets.
setemote Sets the emote for react to open messages.

Miscellaneous commands.

Command Description Permission
createreact Creates a message on which you can react with a defined emote to create a ticket. PERM_CREATE_REACT_TO_OPEN_MESSAGE
lookup Look up how many tickets a user has made on your guild. PERM_LOOKUP