This is a full list of settings that can be changed, with their default values and a short description.

Note on discord permissions

If a setting calls for a discord permission you can either use ROLE_<role name> or a permission listed here

Note on messages

Most messages are sent as embedded messages that support placeholders, if you want to put something outside of the embedded message, add it to the end seperating it with ||. All placeholders can be found on the placeholder page.

Setting key Description Default value Command to change
PERM_CHANGE_SETTINGSThe discord permission required to be able to change settings on your server. (also used for some other admin-related commands)MANAGE_GUILDsetperm
PERM_OPEN_TICKETThe discord permission required to be able to open tickets.VIEW_CHANNELsetperm
PERM_CLOSE_TICKETThe discord permission required to be able to close tickets.VIEW_CHANNELsetperm
PERM_RENAME_TICKETThe discord permission required to be able to rename tickets.MANAGE_MESSAGES (Given to staff role in tickets)setperm
PERM_CHANGE_USERS_TICKETThe discord permission required to be able to add or remove users to/from a ticket.MANAGE_MESSAGES (Given to staff role in tickets)setperm
PERM_CREATE_REACT_TO_OPEN_MESSAGEThe discord permission required to be able to create a message on which a user can react to create a ticketMANAGE_GUILDsetperm
PERM_BLACKLISTThe discord permission required to be able to blacklist/unblacklist people from making ticketsMANAGE_MESSAGESsetperm
PERM_LOOKUPThe discord permission required to be able to look up opened ticketsMANAGE_GUILDsetperm
NO_PERM_CLOSE_TICKET_MESSAGEThe error message shown if a user does not have access to closing a ticket, but tries to use the close command.You do not have permission to close this ticket!setsetting
NO_PERM_GENERIC_MESSAGEA generic error message shown if a user does not have access to a command executed.You do not have permission to do this!setsetting
TICKET_BLACKLIST_MESSAGEDisplayed if a user that is blacklisted tries to open a ticket{TAGAUTHOR} You can not create any tickets at this moment!
COMMAND_PREFIXThe prefix of every command. Encouraged to set this to _, -, or ! if no other bot on your server has claimed this._ssetprefix
EMBED_COLORThe color used in embedded messages (the little bar thing on the left)37375 (Has to be the int value of a color)setsetting or the picker on the panel
TICKET_CATEGORYThe category in which the bot will create tickets. Auto-generates.supportsetcategory
LOG_CHANNELThe channel in which the bot will log messages about opened/closed messages and such. Stores transcripts here. Seperated by //.logs//stickysetlog
TICKET_CREATE_COMMANDSThe commands the bot will create tickets with. ["new", "ticket", "newticket"]opencmd/ addopencmd/ remopencmd
IGNORED_TICKET_CREATE_CHANNELSChannels/categories in which the bot will ignore commands for generating new commands.["no_bot_commands", "support"]ignorechannel
TICKET_PREFIXThe prefix every ticket will get (<prefix>-# will be the final name.)ticketsetdefaultname
STAFF_ROLEThe role staff has, this role will be added to be able to see every ticket channel.Staffsetstaff
MAX_TICKETSThe maximum amount of tickets a user can have open. Set to -1 to disable. Set to 0 if you do not want tickets to be disabled at this moment.3setsetting
MAX_TICKETS_MESSAGEThe message a user gets when they try to open a ticket, but cant due to the max amount of tickets.You can not open more than 3 tickets at the same time!setsetting
HELP_OUTSIDE_TICKET_MESSAGEThe message sent to a user if they use the help command outside of a ticket. Set to "" if you want to disable this.You can open a ticket with {CMDPREFIX}new!||{TAGAUTHOR}setsetting
TICKET_OPENING_MESSAGEThe message first sent in the newly created ticket channel. The default message tags staff, to notify them of a new ticket.Thank you for opening a ticket {AUTHOR}, a staff member will be here momentarily!
Subject set: {TICKETSUBJECT}
TICKET_NO_SUBJECT_GIVEN_MESSAGEThe message displayed in the {TICKETSUBJECT} placeholder if none is defined upon creation. No subject givensetsetting
TICKET_OPENED_MESSAGEThe message displayed in the channel in which the opening command was executed. You created a ticket {AUTHOR}! You can find it in {TICKETCHANNEL}setsetting
TICKET_OPENED_MESSAGE_AUTODELETEThe time after which to delete the TICKET_OPENED_MESSAGE. Set to -1 to disable. 40setsetting
TRANSCRIPT_TO_CLIENTWhether or not to send the transcript to the client (that opened the client)truesetsetting
TRANSCRIPT_TO_CLIENT_MESSAGEThe message sent to the client together with the transcript**Ticket closed**
Here is the transcript for your ticket, please keep this if you ever want to refer to it!
Close reason: {CLOSEREASON}
Closed by: {CLOSERTAG}

Thank you for using Sticky!
TRANSCRIPT_LOG_FORMATThe format used in the transcript that is sent to the client and stored. Set to html it will nicely format it in HTML, if set to anything else, it will create a simple text file ending with this as its filetype.htmlsetsetting
AUTO_DAB_EMOTEWhether or not the bot will react to any message containing "dab" with a dab emote (if it can find one on your server)falsesetsetting
CLOSE_REQUIRES_REASONWhether or not to force the close to be executed with a reason.truesetsetting
CLOSE_CONFIRMATIONWhether or not the close command has to be confirmed (done twice).truesetsetting
ENABLE_REACT_TO_OPEN_MESSAGEWhether or not to enable the react to open message feature.truesetsetting
REACT_TO_OPEN_MESSAGEThe message that's placed in the message on which users can react.**To open a ticket**
React to this message with a {REACTTOOPENEMOTE}.
REACT_TO_OPEN_EMOTEThe emote with which users will react to the message.🎟 (looks weird on here, it's :tickets: on discord)setemote
USE_USERNAME_IN_CHANNEL_NAMEUses usernames in the cnannel namefalsesetsetting