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Enjoying sticky, but need something more, like a custom profile picture for your bot? Want to remove the branding?
Or do you just want to support the bot and keep it running?
Look no further than this page!

Sticky Free

  • Tons of configurable settings
  • Unlimited open & closed tickets
  • Customizable command prefix
  • Customizable messages
  • Transcripts sent to users
  • A pretty darn good uptime
  • Custom logos
  • Custom name
  • Custom embed footer
  • Custom playing/watching status
  • 2 max react to open messages
  • Setup help (follow the quickstart!)

Sticky Premium

  • Everything from Sticky Free
  • Priority Support
  • Private bot account
  • Your own logo as bot profile picture
  • Configurable embed footer, logo, etc
  • Custom playing/watching status
  • Unlimited react to open messages
  • Help for getting it set up the way you like it.


Setup fee (one time): €10
Quarterly (recurring every 3 months): €5

Premium FAQ

Worth a read if you are considering getting Sticky Premium.

Why should I get premium?

Did you read the page? Look at all those amazing features!
You would also be supporting Sticky development and helping it stay online, which is a huge plus in my opinion!

How much does it cost?

Sticky Premium costs €15 the day you decide to purchase it, then €5 every 3 months, starting in three months after the initial purchase.
Is this an overly complicated pricing scheme? Yes, yes it is. Will I change it? No, I don't think I will.

Can I keep my settings?

Yes, you will! All your settings are kept when changing bots.

How can I change the picture of my bot?

When you purchase Sticky Premium you can either create your own bot account and give me the token, or I can create a bot account for you. If you create it yourself, you will always have access to change it yourself on the Discord Developer portal. If you would rather I create the account for you, you will have to ask me every time you want to change the picture or name of the bot.

What happens after I pay?

After setting up the bot account (see the question above this one) you will have to close all open tickets, kick the normal Sticky bot, and then invite the new one. After that you will have to check your permissions everywhere (if you have different permissions in different channels/categories and did not bind those permissions to a role). Then finally you will have to create new react to open messages, and youre done!

Will the webpanel still work?

Of course!

What payment methods are available?

I only accept paypal. I do not accept any type of crypto currency because I have no direct use for it and the fees would be too much for my small volume to leave any money for me. If you only have crypto, get some exchanged yourself, and do it at some decent volume.